Preliminary Chemistry Water Notes and Worksheet

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Water (Syllabus Topic 8.4)
Our planet is rich in water, in solid, liquid and gaseous forms. Water is essential for the evolution of life and the continued existence of life on Earth. Complete the following revision passage using these words: solution, spheres, dense, solid, solute, biosphere, dissolves, gas, mass, volume, solution, lithosphere, liquid, solid, gas, state Water is a very useful solvent. A solvent is a substance which ____________ other substances. A substance which gets dissolved is called a ______________ and the end result, when one substance dissolves in another, is called a ______________. For example, when copper sulfate dissolves in water, the solvent is _________________, the solute is ______________ and the result is a copper sulfate ______________. Water is distributed throughout the hydrosphere, atmosphere, _____________________ and _________________, constantly being interchanged between these _____________. It occurs naturally in all three states, as solid, liquid and gas. Water changes ____________ when heated. At 00C it changes from ____________ to liquid, at 1000C it changes from liquid to ____________. Adding substances such as salt or antifreeze to water will change its melting and boiling points. When water changes state, its density changes. Water in the form of ice is less ____________ than liquid water. The density of a substance is calculated by dividing its _____________ by its ________________.

Distribution of Water
Water is distributed throughout the hydrosphere, atmosphere, lithosphere and biosphere, constantly being interchanged between these spheres. Biosphere Liquid Lithosphere Liquid (artesian water & in soil) Component of minerals in rocks (water of crystallisation About 10 % of lithosphere. Estimates vary from a tiny percentage of the earth's total water to > 50 % Hydrosphere Liquid (rivers, lakes, oceans) & solid (polar ice caps). 2x1011L for every person on earth 90 % of the Earth's water occurs in oceans that...
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