Pregnant Student Shouldn't Be Expelled from School

Topics: Education, Abortion, Adolescence Pages: 3 (1097 words) Published: April 25, 2013
Pregnant Student Shouldn’t be Expelled from School

There isn’t any prohibition that pregnant students must be expelled from school wether it’s in UU. No 20 tahun 2003 about National Education System nor in UU no 23 tahun 2002 about Child Protection NOT EVEN in UUD 1945 article 31 paragraph 1 about Education and Culture and article 28 A-J about Human Rights . So that means everyone have their rights to stay in school and continue their education even if it’s the pregnant student. But school also has policy to dicipline the student’s attitude and action for the purpose of securing the condition and environtment at school. And in most cases, school expelled their student whom pregnant without overthinking the fact that it will closing the door and cutting their chances for a brighter future. It means when a student got pregnant they also have a better choice : continue their study to build a brighter future. We know the reason why schools expelled them, 1st they are to maintain the school’s image after being suspected as the most responsible institution, 2nd they are preventing any recurrence of the same case in school by other female-students, etc etc. But this act is’s wrong. By doing so, they make the situation worse for the-already-desperete situation which these young woman are in. Why? Because other shool will not accept them either after they’re expelled and their “future life”//”future career” is ruined and ends there. It’s wrong to blame the pregnant student entirely. It may not be their own fault. Most of the pregnant actually don’t wish their pregnancy. It is possible that the students are the victim of rappist, the victim of pornography, or the victim of their boyfriends who forces to do sexual intercourse, or the victim of unhealty social intercourse. Teenager is a young existance who is still unstable and can be easily influenced by inappropriate matters. And does reality ever told us that after expelling the pregnant, the case of early...
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