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Précis Writing - 1

Scientists now say that when it comes to wooing a lady, the malodorous male may enjoy a distinct advantage over his sophisticated and sanitized rival, much to the indignation of the latter. It seems that such discrimination might be due to the karmic consequences of using deodorants. A recent study conducted by biologists at the University of Pennsylvania has revealed that the locker room aroma of male perspiration helps to reduce stress and induce relaxation in women. If the way to a man’s heart is said to be through his stomach, it seems that the way to a woman’s favours is via her nose. When asked, why women choose the men they do, a philosopher is said to have replied “Who knows?” in fact, ‘Who nose’ might have been more apt. it can, however, be argued that the face or the physique was never a serious consideration in the rat race for female affections, considering that women were reputed to have a nose for greenbacks rather than an eye for biceps. But now it seems the dice is heavily loaded in favour of what lies beneath the arm rather than what lies between the ears, with eau de pasina scoring heavily over eau de cologne. Always accused to smelling a rat where none existed, women can now hope for a legitimate way of sniffing around. Perfumed deodorants may go our of fashion as men learn to enhance their natural bodily odours by egg or onion sprays. Always fastidiously clinging to the proper use of the language, Dr. Johnson, the lexicographer, was once assailed by a lady at a party with the words, “Oh! Sir, you smell!” Which the good man was quick to correct as, “No, ma’am you smell. I stink”.

Précis Title: Scent of a Man

Biologists have come to the conclusion through their study that men’s body smell emanating from perspiration helps women to reduce their tension. In this finding there is a suggestion that men not using synthetic pleasant smelling scents are more likely to be favoured by women than the men stopping the unpleasant smell by using sophisticated scents. Therefore, the way to woman’s favour is through her nose and the nose must get man’s natural body odour.

Précis Writing - 2

Friendship is above reason, for, though you find virtues in a friend, he was your friend before you found them. It is a gift that we offer because we must; to give it as the reward of virtue would be to set price upon it and those who do that have no friendship to give. If you choose your friends on the ground that you are virtuous and want virtuous company. You are no nearer to true friendship than if you choose them for commercial reasons. Besides, who are you that you should be setting a price upon your friendship? It is enough for any man that he has the divine power of making friends, and he must leave it to that power to determine who his friends shall be. For, though you may choose the virtuous to be your friend, they may not choose you; indeed, friendship cannot grow where there is any calculated choice. It comes like sleep, when you are not thinking about it; and you should be grateful, without any misgiving, when it comes.

So no man who knows what friendship is ever gave up a friend because he turns out to be disreputable. His only reason for giving up a friend is that he has ceased to care for him; and, when that happens he should reproach himself for this mortal poverty of affection, not the friend for having proved unworthy. For it is inhuman presumption to say any woman, when you have fallen out of love with her, that she is unworthy of your love. In friendship and in love we are always humble, because we see that a free gift has been given to us; and to lose that humility because we have lost friendship or love is to take a pride in what should shame us.

Precis Title : True Friendship

Friendship is a natural gift. It cannot be argued or discussed. It develops instinctively. We do not contract friendship with a person either because he is virtuous or because we...
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