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  • Published : July 3, 2012
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Camellia Gill

English 112

Professor Julie Pal-Agrawal

March 11, 2012

“Remember that feeling of bedtime when you were a little kid”? Grabbing that favorite toy who was the first and best sleeping buddy particularly during those times when nights were the scariest. Meanwhile, mom and dad warmly tucked the covers in showing love and security while snuggling in white linens and a cozy blanket that surrounded the bed with warmth. Mom and dad say their last goodnights and dimmed the lights, as head laid to pillow, that is when all felt right at home. These days parents should be determined to keep their child safe at all times. Now, they can! With Iver Johnsons’ black handled, six shooting revolver we'll always be safe and “Papa Says It Won't Hurt Us”. “Iver Johnson Revolvers, “Absolutely” safe and guaranteed that accidental discharge is impossible”. After observation of the 1904, Iver Johnson Revolvers ad, does seem to be effective when evaluating the appeal of reason, the appeal of credibility, and the appeal of emotion. Let’s start with the appeal of reason. The advertisement in question has the essence of shock value for me. I would not purchase the product this vintage ad is presenting. Still it is effective in promoting the basis of product safety to supposedly anyone. The scripting aids on how safe the Iver Johnson revolver is and how easy it is to use. One example would be the little girl's pajamas statement, "Papa Says It Won't Hurt Us". There are objects in this announcement that create a vision of calm and security such as, a little girl a comfortably seated in her bed surrounded by telltale belongings. The author of...
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