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Topics: Advertising, Attention, Perception Pages: 32 (5663 words) Published: March 6, 2013
Multiple Choice Questions

1.If it is literally false that Gardenburger's competitor is not “mushroom in origin” then what category of misleading advertising does this fall into? A)direct false claim
B)claim-belief discrepancy
C)inferential discrepancy
D)interpretation discrepancy
E)none of the above

Answer: A Page: 281 and 306 Difficulty: moderate

2.Perception is a process that begins with consumer exposure and attention to marketing stimuli and ends with consumer _____. A)interpretation

Answer: A Page: 282 Difficulty: moderate

3._____ is a series of activities by which stimuli are perceived, transformed into information, and stored. A)Perception
C)Information processing
D)Perceptual exposure
E)Selective exposure

Answer: C Page: 282 Difficulty: easy

4.Which of the following is NOT a step in the information-processing model? A)exposure

Answer: B Page: 282 Difficulty: moderate

5.Which of the following stages of the information-processing model constitute perception? A)exposure
B)exposure and attention
C)exposure, attention, and interpretation
D)exposure, attention, interpretation, and memory E)exposure, attention, interpretation, memory, and action

Answer: C Page: 282 Difficulty: moderate

6.The fact that all aspects of the perception process are extremely selective is referred to as _____. A)perceptual selectivity
B)sensory screening
C)ego defenses
D)perceptual defenses
E)none of the above

Answer: D Page: 283 Difficulty: moderate

7._____ occurs when a stimulus is placed within a person's relevant environment and comes within range of their sensory receptor nerves. A)Perception
D)Perceptual offense

Answer: E Page: 283 Difficulty: easy

8.Carl is doing his homework and has the television on in the background. While it is on, several commercials aired. What stage of the information-processing model does this represent? A)exposure


Answer: A Page: 283 Difficulty: moderate

9._____ occurs when one fast-forwards through a commercial on a prerecorded program, and _____ involves switching channels when a commercial appears. A)Zapping; muting
B)Zapping; zipping
C)Zipping; muting
D)Zipping; zapping
E)Muting; avoiding

Answer: D Page: 284 Difficulty: moderate

10.John is watching a football game on TV when a commercial comes on. He doesn't want to see it, so he grabs the remote control and changes the channel. What is John doing to avoid the advertising message? A)zipping


Answer: B Page: 284 Difficulty: moderate

11.Carla watches television shows whenever she has time because she uses a digital video recorder to record the shows. When she watches them, she fast-forwards through the commercials, which is known as _____. A)zipping

E)voluntary exposure

Answer: A Page: 284 Difficulty: moderate

12._____ is turning the sound off during commercial...
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