Pr Elements and Functions

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5.Programme Elements. PR is skill oriented profession. Major elements are:-

(a)Media relations.

(b)Advertising and advertorials.

(c)Audio-visual production.


(e)Briefing papers.

(f)Corporate identity.

(g)Exhibitions and displays,

(h)House journals, news letters and bulletins.


(k)Presentation, conference and seminars.

(l)Research (public opinion).


(n)Websites – internet, email communication in PR programme, PR TV, PR radio and PR film.

6.Merit In-House Department.

(a)Integral so known to all other department. Better communication for collection of information.

(b)Permanent employees so understand company more closely. Can respond immediately and involve in day to day operation

(c)Easy to collect background material easily.. House journal, annual report, corporate frofile, documentary easily made.

(d)Will be on the spot in crisis situation.

(e)Full time service without additional expenditure.

(f)More economical. Can dovetail materials used.

7.Limitations In-House PR Department.

(a)Being employee uncritical and biased.

(b)Can not have varied experience.

(c)Transfers so continuity suffers.

(d)Sometimes drawn without training and education so tend to be non-professional

Management of PR Department

1.Good management principles are most essentials for good PR.

Basic elements to manage PR Department

1.Basic Structure of PR Department affects implementation of PR management..

2.PR Practice. In India three methods – In-House PR department, PR consultancy (can result in maximum expertise) and mix oftwo suitable for large organisations..PR Consultancy.

3.PR Department. Size related to size of organisation.

4.PR as Top Management. PR should have a voice to shape mission and strategic planning. Director should report to CEO.

5.Areas of PR Department. Sectors of PR Department are:-

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