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Youth hostel association of india

Project Guide
Prof. Samveg patel
YEAR: 2012

Submitted to: Submitted By:

Prof. Shweta MehtaVijay Prajapati ()
Atik Sevangiya (99) Neha SHINDE ()


This is to certify that Mr. Atik sevangiya, Mr.Vijay prajapati and Miss Neha shinde of S.K. Patel Institute Of Management & Computer Studies, Gandhinagar have submitted their Social Project titled “YOUTH HOSTEL ASSOCIATION OF INDIA” in the year 2011-12 in partial fulfillment of Kadi Sarva Vishwavidyalaya requirements for the award of the title of Master of Business Administration.

Prof. N.N.Jani Prof. Shweta Mehta Prof. Samveg Patel Director Coordinator Project Guide


We hereby, declare that the Social Project titled, “YOUTH HOSTEL ASSOCIATION OF INDIA” is original of the best of our knowledge and has not been published elsewhere. This is for the purpose of partial fulfillment of Kadi Sarva Vishawavidyalaya requirements for the award of the title of Master of Business Administration, only.


Atik Sevangiya_______________
Vijay Prajapati _______________
Neha shinde _______________


This project comprises Introduction and Objectives of Youth hostel association of India, They inn have wide range of network with in the India, with the help of which they help to younger people for fulfilling the hobby of adventurous activity

The activates of the Youth association of India include the following activates…. ✓ Hostelling
✓ Leadership camp
✓ Adventurous trip,
✓ trekking,
✓ Nature learning,

Apart from their activity we brief out some thing about the financing of the Youth hostel association of india. Finally we concluded with learning part. We got good knowledge about NGO and its activities of social service.


In a span of the time, few achievements of notes have been the product individual effort. Instead, they have been accomplished through the efforts of many. Making a social project on Youth hostel association of India is a great pleasure. This project is a humble attempt to sketch the various important aspects of society. We have different NGOs but we selected the Youth hostel association of India, because this is a famous NGO in India and it is doing excellent work for Youth people to aware about the adventurous spot and arranging facility for tour at a discounted rate. This NGO is working internationally. Generally all the NGOs are doing good work for society but Youth hostel association of India is providing facility to mainly youth and family for their trip. In this project we have learnt how the NGOs work for society and which people helped them in this work. We also learned that how people contribute in social work out of their daily routine work and what should be our role and responsibility for empowering our society. We got aware a lot for our social responsibility by doing this project.


First we would like to thank our honorable Director Prof.Sonu Gupta for introducing this new concept of social project and giving us a chance to do project on NGO. We are also thankful to Prof.Samveg Patel Sir for his excellent guidance. We are also thankful to Mr.Chaitanya Nimavat and Miss. Anjana Nimavat...
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