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Topics: Marketing, Strategic management, Pricing Pages: 12 (1756 words) Published: February 6, 2013

Bus 103 – Marketing Dr. Jasso Lecture Series
Winter 2013

On marketing – creating and delivering customer value
The Measure of Connectedness
Copyright Dr. Sean D. Jasso

Learning Outcomes
• • • • • • • • The purpose of the business enterprise The nature of „value‟ The customer experience The nature of value The power of competition The importance of customer creation The firm‟s goals and objectives The purpose of strategy • • • • •

Our Approach
Lecture – this is where we develop the idea Reading – this is where we study the material Research – this is where we investigate Writing – this is where we test knowledge Analysis – this is where we test our knowledge

Copyright Dr. Sean D. Jasso

Copyright Dr. Sean D. Jasso

Guiding Questions
What is our competitive landscape  Analyzing the marketing environment How do we get into our customer‟s mind  Marketing Research Strategies

On markets
Copyright Dr. Sean D. Jasso

Copyright Dr. Sean D. Jasso



The Big Marketing Questions Central Themes
Fundamentals of Strategic Marketing Demographics Customer Behavior

• What is our industry • What is our business • What is our profit objective • Who is our customer • Who is our competitor • What is our brand

Copyright 2012 Dr. Sean D. Jasso

Copyright Dr. Sean D. Jasso

Sales Approach
Profits - increased sales volume

The Marketing Toolkit
The Marketing Mix Sales Approach Marketing Approach

Means – Sales and Market Acceptance Focal Point – Existing Products

Copyright Dr. Sean D. Jasso

Copyright 2012 Dr. Sean D. Jasso

Marketing Approach

Goal – Customer Satisfaction Means – IMC

Sales vs. Marketing
Sales – profits through volume Marketing – profits through customer satisfaction

Customer Needs and Desires

Copyright 2012 Dr. Sean D. Jasso

Copyright Dr. Sean D. Jasso



5Ps & 5Cs
Product………………….........Customer Solution Price………………………........Customer Cost Promotion………………........Customer Communication Distribution (place)………….Customer Convenience Position…………………………Customer Mind • • • • •

Levitt’s Lessons Marketing Is…
Strategic Requires Executive Insight The Mgt of the 4P‟s The essential for Positioning Not just controlling – it is knowing what business you are in • Is not advertising – it is connecting with your customer

Copyright Dr. Sean D. Jasso

Copyright 2012 Dr. Sean D. Jasso

Creating Customers
Toward the Marketing Strategy
Copyright 2013 Dr. Sean D. Jasso

The Marketing Standard of analysis – SWOT
Strengths – Internal Issues Weaknesses – Internal Issues Opportunities – External Issues Threats – External Issues *matching company strengths to attractive opportunities in the competitive environment, while eliminating weaknesses and minimizing threats

Geography – region Demographic - age psychographic – class behavioral – buyer

Segment – Target – Position



What Do Segments Look Like
Age, Race, Nationality, Gender, Etc

Lost Generation 1883-1900
• Came of age during or slightly after WWI • May refer to large number of young men killed during WWI • Hit hard by the Great Depression • Also refers to loss of inherited values in postwar period • • • • • •

GI (Veteran) Generation 1901-1924
“Greatest Generation” Great Depression and WWII defining events “Good Kid” reputation Sharpest rise in schooling ever recorded Raised as increasingly protected youth Formality, uniformity, cooperation, achievement

Copyright 2011 Dr. Sean D. Jasso



Silent Generation 19251942
• • • • • • • • • Dedication Hard work Conformity Law and order Patience Delayed reward Duty before pleasure Adherence to rules Honor

War Babies 1943-1945
• Small group – fathers not at war • Known as „cuspers‟ because between two much larger groups • Mixed characteristics • Chased by Boomers all their lives • • • • • • • • •

Baby Boomers 1945-1960
Optimism Personal gratification Health...
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