Powerpoint Vocab

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PowerPoint Vocabulary

Directions: Use your Computers & Careers resource packet to find the following terms.

Copy: List the different views that are available: (copy in your notes)
Normal View – Main editing view
Slide Sorter View – Thumbnail view of all of your slides
Slide Show View – takes up the full screen, like an actual slide show. 1. Presentation - A PowerPoint file. A presentation can contain text, pictures, charts, links to other pages, and other objects. 2. Slide Show - A presentation that is shown one slide at a time using a computer monitor or projector. 3. Slide - One page in a presentation.

4. Title Slide - Slide that contains a presentation’s title. Usually the first slide in a presentation. 5. Title & Text Slide - Slide that contains a title with text underneath. Text is often formatted as a bulleted list. 6. Placeholder Text - Text that tells you what type of content should be place in different areas of a slide. 7. Format - To make a document or presentation look a certain way by changing the way the words and paragraph look; a process in which the computer makes sure a disk works and then creates addresses for the information on a disk. 8. Edit - To make changes to a document, contents of a cell, or a presentation. 9. Slides Pane - The part of the PowerPoint screen where you key in text. 10. Task Pane - A pane that opens to the right of the text are that provides easy access to common tasks. 11. Clip Art - Images or pre-made graphics that can be inserted into a document or presentation. 12. Template - A guide that contains the formatting of a particular type of document, workbook, or presentation. 13. Word Art - Text graphic that can be stretched, shadowed, and shaped. 14. Object - A document, picture, worksheet, presentation, or other item that can be inserted into an open file in another application. 15. Diagram - A graphic that represents or illustrates something or can be used...
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