Power of Teams

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By Radharaman Agarwal
Co-author Dr. Shobha Khinvasara

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The literates of this century are not those who can read and write, but those who can learn, unlearn and relearn. Hence, it is time that we learn, about team dynamics, unlearn the conventional team building and team leader concept and relearn the effective ways of building powerful teams. This is possible only by becoming a part of the team as a member, defining individual roles and thereby, becoming an effective team builder in one’s own way. The rate of change is electrifying and the intensity has increased due to the speed of information accessibility, global exchanges of markets for all — products, processes and people. In such an era, the competition does not remain between one individual and the other but between one team and the other. Secondly, the stress levels have really gone up and winning has become mandatory. In such a scenario, teams come as a source of increased synergy, thereby raising one’s effeciency and effectiveness helping organizations not only to gain competitive advantage but also achieve their organizational vision. The role of a team builder cannot be neglected any more. The protagonist today is situational rather than a fixed individual. He has to build a team that functions effectively to achieve the desired results. He learns not only as how to establish the productive environment and group dynamics, but also to provide the latest techniques to his team mem-

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bers in different settings. He needs some tips helpful in handling situations and developing the team management skills that are necessary to a productive team. ‘Power of Teams’ - the book is an attempt to emphasize the vital importance of the team concept in the present era. An ideal team is both synchronization of individual strength and diversity. The book starts from the basic concepts of team functioning and concerns various aspects including causes of failure and success. To make the book simpler and sequential, it has been divided into various sections answering the basic questions of WHAT, WHY, HOW, WHO, WHEN & WHERE. This book, I am sure, will prove helpful for anyone involved somewhere in teamwork, or eager to learn as how to build and manage a team effectively even outside the commercial activities, and also those who yearn for career in management. I owe a large debt to many authors and management practitioners whose ideas I have freely used, and the writers and publishers to whom my acknowledgements are still due. Finally, I sincerely thank Mr. Balbir Singh Yadav and Mr. Dilip Singh Chordia for general assistance for proof-reading. Jaipur —Radharaman Agarwal


One of the biggest challenges of this era is to manage the change that is taking place at an electrifying speed. Teams make this task easier, effective and smooth. This book, ‘Power of Teams’, is a wonderful outcome that takes care of all aspects about teams. The best part of the book is, that it is written in such a simple manner,...
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