Power and the Individual - Prescribed Text and Related Text

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  • Published : June 17, 2012
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Related Text Analysis Framework
Part 1: Orientation to the text.
Title| My Sisters Keeper|
Type of Text| Movie|
Composer| Nick Cassavetes (Director) Jeremy Leven ( Screenplay)| Audience| Families.|
SourceWhen? Where?| DVD personally owned & purchased in 2010.| Context| |
Purpose| To show the sacrifices parents will make to keep their family together.| Key Elements| |

Part 2: Content of the Text
Power & the Individual What ideas about power are represented?| * The battle for individual rights * Both Ken & Anna fight for individual rights to their body/life. * The power/influence of status * Ken & Anna’s desires cannot be fulfilled due to their low status, Ken being a medical patient vs. Doctors & Anna being a child vs. Parents. * The power of physical strength * Ken has no power of physical strength because he is a quadriplegic. Anna, as a child has less physical strength than her parents, therefore their power is stronger. * Power of Law * Ken wishes to die & due to his medical status he is unable to make this happen, the power of law influences his situation as he asks the doctors multiple times to kill but due to the law they are unable to do this. Anna’s situation is influenced by the power of law as she is a child & her parents are her legal guardians therefore giving them the power to make her decisions for her. She is mature enough to make her own decisions but she is too young, she seeks to be medically emancipated so she is able to have the choice. |

How does this related text link to your prescribed AOS text? My Sisters Keeper relates to Whose Life is it Anyway? because both main characters in each text have the same wants & desires & the power presented are very similar. Anna Fitzgerald, age 11 was brought into her family to be a genetic match for her older sister Kate Fitzgerald. She was a ‘donor child’, created to keep her sister alive. As...
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