Powder Fineness Is a Symbol of Qualified Ball Mill

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Powder fineness is a symbol of qualified ball mill

As for the ultrafine ball mill in milling equipment, the fineness of the powder determines the performance of the ball mill accessories. Thus, the qualified ball mill is the mill equipment that can guarantee long-term processing of fine powder. When purchasing milling equipment, customers must be particularly concerned about the fineness of the mill processing. The fineness of the powders determines the performance of the ball mill, and the qualified ball mill is a strong guarantee of the powder fineness. Fineness test is an experimental work to specify powder fineness property characteristics through instruments and methods. Different applications requires variously to the characteristics of powder. And among all the indicators that reflect the characteristics of the powder, the fineness distribution draws the most attention. According to statistics, there are hundreds of types of powder fineness tests. Sedimentation method, laser method, screening method, the image method and resistance method are the five commonly used methods. In addition, there are several commonly used test methods in specific industries and areas. The accuracy of the fineness test is higher and higher, which mainly due to the efforts of equipment manufacturers. The fineness of the powder produced by Hongxing ball mill can reach to D97 ≤ 5μm in one time. On matter you choose which ball mill, the processing fineness can be adjusted freely between 300-3000 mesh, and 97% materials can go through the sieve. The grinding chamber of ball mill is with innovative design inside which without bearings and screws, which avoids the problems of fragility of bearing and its seal, and destruction of the machine caused by loosening screws.  
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