Post Wwii President Chart (Truman - Obama)

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Harry Truman

Years in Office: 8 | Term: 1945 - 1953 | Political Party: Democrat Domestic Affairs
-Dismissed MacArthur during Korean War
-Ordered desegregation of military
-Executive Order 9835
-GI Bill of Rights
Foreign Policy
-Containment: prevent spread of Communism
-Authorized atomic bomb usage
-Potsdam Conference, Marshall Plan, NATO
-Truman Doctrine
-Korean War – domino theory – contain communism at all costs -Recognized Israel as a country
-The S in Harry S Truman is his full middle name
-Helped start FDR’s brainchild – United Nations
-1948 election – Truman still won despite his bleak approval rating

Dwight Eisenhower

Years in Office: 8 | Term: 1953 - 1961 | Political Party: Republican Domestic Affairs
-Interstate Highway System – easier transportation for military and missiles -Sputnik  NASA, education more of an issue
-Operation Wetback – stop increasing immigration
-Federal-Aid Highway Act of 1956
-Little Rock Crisis – sent federal troops to Little Rock to enforce court orders to desegregate schools -McCarthyism
-Expanded Social Security
-“New Look”
Foreign Policy
-Brinksmanship: the practice of pushing dangerous events to the verge of disaster in order to achieve optimal results -Pactomania
-Ended Korean war
-Opened relations with Spain
-Suez Canal Crisis
-Ignored Hungarian revolution
-U-2 spy plane incident
-Deposed of former Iranian leader in 1953 Iranian coup d’état Trivia
-Previously a five star general in army – Supreme Commander of Allied Forces in Europe -Favorite dessert = prune whip
-Wrote a book – Crusade in Group
-Eisenhower used to practice his putts on the White House lawn and ordered the squirrels to be removed when they interfered with his golfing

John F. Kennedy

Years in Office: 2 | Term: 1961 - 1963 | Political Party: Democrat Domestic Affairs
-Little significant social legislation passed
-Economic growth (defense expenditures, investment incentives for private enterprise) + Keynes -Race to the Moon
-Clean Air Act – regulated automotive and industrial emissions -Peace Corps – liberal anticommunism
-Rarely made liberal ideas a reality
-Only crisis, not moral suasion, forced him to act
-New Frontier
Foreign Policy
-Bay of Pigs – CIA + La Brigada fails to overthrow Fidel Castro -Cuban Missile Crisis  US removes missiles from Turkey and pledges to not invade Cuba, Russia removes Cuban Missiles  Red Phone (Kremlin-White House “Hot Line” so the two sides could communicate instantly in future crises) -Détente in Cold War

-Laos crisis – a compromise was reached that restored a neutralist government but left communist forces dominant in the countryside -Major buildup of the military arsenal; foreign policy top priority -Economic assistance to third world countries to counter Communism’s appeal -Signed the world’s first nuclear test ban treaty

-Sent a military coup to overthrow Diem in Vietnam
-Murdered by Lee Harvey Oswald
-Helped make television central to American politics
-Appointed brother Robert Kennedy as attorney general
-More of a celebrity than a politician
-Won a Pulitzer Prize for the book “Profiles in Courage”

Lyndon B. Johnson

Years in Office: 6 | Term: 1963 - 1969 | Political Party: Democrat Domestic Affairs
-“The Great Society” – unconditional war on poverty in America – end to poverty and racial injustice -Nominated Thurgood Marshall + Robert Weaver to Supreme Court and Cabinet, respectively. -National Wilderness Preservation Act – set aside 9.1 acres of wilderness -New immigration law – abolished national-origins quotas of 1920s – expanded nation’s spectrum in general -1964 Act – banned racial discrimination and segregation in public accommodations, outlawed bias in federally funded programs, granted federal government new powers to fight school segregation, forbade discrimination in employment -Voting Rights Act

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