Post Colonialism in Skin of a Lion

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  • Published : March 20, 2013
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Eng Seminar

Post-colonialism - is an academic discipline that comprises methods of intellectual discourse that present analyses of, and responses to, the cultural legacies of colonialism and of imperialism, which draw from different post-modern schools of thought.

Post-colonial Literature - addresses the problems and consequences of the de-colonization of a country and of a nation.

The characters of his novels are mainly among the immigrants, the colonized, and the oppressed that are suffering from the loss of true self and identity. Therefore, it is demonstrated that colonialism will continue its banal effects on individual’s lives and identities by entangling them in an unhealthy state of mind like double consciousness. In the novel, In the Skin of a Lion, Patrick who is the main character finds himself an outsider in the society and tries to measure himself through the other’s look -------------------------------------------------

Top of Form

Bottom of Form
Postcolonial criticism, like postmodern criticism, rejects the universal and large scale in preference for the local and specific. In In the Skin of a Lion Ondaatje challenges the dominant narratives and gives a voice to the untold stories of the colonized. Ashcroft et al in Key Concepts in Post-Colonial Studies define post colonialism as dealing with “the effects of colonization on cultures and societies” (p. 186) and post colonial reading as “a way of reading and rereading texts... to draw deliberate attention to the profound and inescapable effects of colonization on literary production; anthropological accounts; historical records; administrative and scientific writing” (p. 192). A postcolonial reading also rejects the universalism inherent in the liberal humanist readings of traditional criticism in favour of an acceptance of issues of cultural difference in literary texts. Culture itself is seen as a web of conflicting discourses. Thus it champions a celebration of hybridity and...
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