Post Colonialism

Topics: Middle East, Islam, Arabic language Pages: 2 (401 words) Published: December 6, 2012
LTWR 410 ---August 29, 2012

-People relied on trade/barter/the importance of Mecca in bringing people together and disseminating news -Nomadic culture
-Unbalanced distribution of wealth

The Guided Caliphs
-The early caliphs survive in Islamic history as guided advocating social justice, and treating everybody equally -Early expansion
-This brought Arab Muslims in contact with different ethnic groups and peoples including the Berbers of North Africa -Islamic Spain/The Golden Age was a period of technology, and (as a result of intensive study of the Islamic faith) Literature- particularly biography, history, and mathematics

-Markers of identity
-Received notions of femininity and masculinity
-Patriarchy etc.

September 5, 2012

-Redefines the geopolitical map of the world and redistributes world economy by lifting economic barriers etc. -Effects on certain 3rd world countries
-Economic globalism vs multi-culturalism or global cultures

Colonial Encounters
-Redefines the relationship between nations and societies
-Establishes power relations between peoples, cultures.
-Challenges received discourses of nation and nationalism
-Redefines economic relations
-Relationship between economic, cultural, and political

General questions to ask
-How do we define ourselves in relation to some/all of these narratives both as individuals and as a community? -How do these discourses affect social subjects and identify politics? -How do they create hegemonic narratives under which differences are subsumed

Aesthetic questions/means of representation
-How are these discourses represented in fiction and other representational media? -What is the status of aesthetic representation in Middle Eastern societies? -What forms of representation are relevant to indigenous populations? -How do they compete with imported ones?

-For instance, how does orality situate itself...
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