Positive Effects of Technology

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  • Published : March 7, 2013
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The Positive Effect of Children and Technology
In these days (2013) technology has become the modern way of life. Technology has its pros and cons concerning children. If used properly children can gain a impact on physical development, impact on cognitive development, and impact on social development. Technology today is a part of children natural environment. In my days all we had were video games. Technology/Internet were in the process of becoming a part of life. In those days we had to learn the ins and outs of technology. Today, children are being taught threw the internet. Modern T.V., video games, etc. has all begin programming learning activities for children. The internet allows children to actively participate in a self-learning environment. Weather the child is home or in school. Not only are children learning threw technology but they can also socialize, play games, and interact/explore places and cultures of the world without leaving the home/school. Since technology has become a source of teaching children has become more participative in learning. Children are prone to technology because it it apart of everyday life. We are aware are facts about technology being negative to a child. Based from my view, my research, and my opinion; I am aware of the bad things toward technology (mainly the internet and video games), but I am also aware of the proper training of using technology children has more access to the word then any generation before the 90’s. We as adults had no proper training because technology was at its peak of becoming used anywhere. That’s why based off all the research and all the things we have learned along the way of the whole technology era, should be able to teach children the risks as well as be trusted to not put themselves at risk. Parents have the option to block sites. There are now tablets for kids to interact socially with family and close friends, no strangers because it’s set up by the parent. I just...
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