Pols Study Guide 1

Democracy, Virginia Plan, United States Congress

3 Branches- Executive- President, Cabinet. Legislative- Senate, H.O.R., congress. Judicial- Supreme Court. Alexis De Tocqueville- dont worry about one, worry about large groups. Civil Disobedience-obey the law. Obey the law but work legally within the system. Peacefully violate & consequences- boycotts. Violently opposing the law- Terrorism. Democratic Theory- General public/ Elections/ Public opinion polls Democratic Values- Majority rule, minority rights, freedom of expression, public goods, equality.. Checks and balances. Direct Democracy- public>policy (everyone can vote-props).

Max Webber- German, sources of Legitimate authority. Factors of govt tradition, legality, and charisma and force. Paradox of Democ.- Majority rule vs Minority rights. (E.R.A) Pluralist Theory- Many groups fighting over policy/ resources/influence. Healthy competitive balance. Nobody dominates. Political Power- controls decisions (forcing someone to do something) Political Science-Study of government institutions & societies' key decision makers Politics-Distribution of resources: Who? Interest groups, political parties, elected officials, voters... What? Public policy decisions, When/ How? Decision making process (campaign, lobbying, debates). Power- Elite Theory- Small dominate& control/ corporate (mcdonalds)/ military(policy advice) / political(jerry brown) Preamble Goals- Establish justice- ensure domestic tranquility- provide for the common defense- promote general welfare- secure the blessings of liberty. Public Goods- set up by the govt. w/ tax dollars. (s.s., school, postal, healthcare, military, retirement, environmental protection) Representative Democ.- Public>govt officials>policy (larger populations-presidency) Types of Govt.- Monarchy- hereditary- royal family. Dictatorship- personal, public, military. Democracy- more public input (elections) Melting Pot- macrocultural (large) focus. Blending of various groups into greater while. (Religion, Race, Backgrounds)....
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