Topics: Pollution, Oxygen, Air pollution Pages: 4 (1333 words) Published: April 9, 2013
Do not pollute your environment!

Nowadays the society has to face up to a lot of problems. Among them the pollution is one of the most popular topics. People generally don't think of it that they injure their environment with almost every action and this carries consequences. With few exceptions they can be solved. There are several ways of the environmental pollution. The most frequent question is the air pollution because the different gases appear everywhere: in the most beautiful countries, in villages, but to the highest degree in cities. The biggest danger is caused by cars and factories which can be found on the outskirts of cities. These factories many times don't use filters that can reduce the quantity of the poison-gases, which get into the air, besides often they are responsible for the water pollution.[1] They have the dirty water run into the oceans, seas and rivers. The other factor is the oil. It gets into the water by crashes of oil-tankers or sometimes if a submarine pipeline become damaged. It can cause gigantic damage, because removing the oil is often impossible. Unfortunately, these problems are less avoidable, but at least we should pay attention to those which might be fended off considerably. One of them is the pollution of soil. It would be prevented somehow or other if the waste was carried to the suitable rubbish dump. But there are troubles with some things which don't decay but their components make the soil acid. For example the refrigerator, batteries and the plastic which remains in the soil in good condition 500 hundred years later, too.[2] Frequently the agriculture is also responsible because they use too much chemicals. The different artificial fertilizers (nitrogenous, phosphates, ammoniums) dissolve in water and nitrates and so on arise from them.[3] Although, these seem to be far-away from us, nevertheless they are close because we pollute our direct environment, too. You can make sure if you are walking in...
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