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Course:| Subject and Descriptive Title: Political Science 2 Politics and Governance and the New Constitution| SY:2012-2013| Term:First Semester| Session Date:| Session Number:Week 15 of 18 | Topic: Article 11, 12 & 131. Art. 11 on accountability of public officers2. The underlying principles, bases of accountability3. The impeachable public officers, grounds for impeachment & procedure4. On National Economy & Patrimony Art. 12a. The goals of the state in conserving and developing the properties of the stateb. Classification of propertiesc. Public and private participation in the utilization of Nat’l. patrimonyd. Restrictions in lieu of participation & controle. Rules on ownership and possession5. On social justice and human rights Art. 13a. Social justice and human rights defined, nature, concepts and basesb. The rights of women, labor, and indigenous cultural communities emphasized.| Objectives: At the end of the session, the students are expected to: * acquaint themselves on the principles of accountability and public trust * explain the nature, concepts, purpose of Social Justice and human rights. * determine the properties of the state, its custodian, purpose and utilization| INSTRUCTIONS: * Please read the following topics carefully. * Use search engines (i.e. Google Search , Wikipedia etc.) to find details * Answer the questions posted at the end of the lesson.| TEXTBOOKS, REFERNCES, URL’S: 1. Codal provisions on Art. 9, the constitutional commissions2. A textbook on the 1987 constitution by Hector S. De Leon| STUDY GUIDE PROPER: Meaning of public office and public officer public office is the right, authority, and duty created and conferred by law by which, for a given period either fixed by law or enduring at the pleasure of the appointing power, an individual is invested with some portion of the sovereign functions of the government to be exercised by him for the benefit of the public.The individual so invested is a public officer.Public office, a public trust.It is precisely to guard the fiduciary nature of public office that the Constitution places certain prohibitions in the case of the President, Vice President , members of the Cabinet and their deputies or assistants (Art. VII Sec. 13.), the members of the Congress (Art. VI Secs. 13,14.), the members of the Constitutional Commissions (Art. IX Sec. 2.) , and the Ombudsman and his Deputies. (Sec. 8, par. 2.) Together, these prohibitions constitute an implementation of the above that a public office is a public trust. Meaning of Accountability to the peopleSection 1 of Art. 11 enunciates the principle of public accountability. It sets down in unequivocal terms the mandate that all government officials and employees, whether they be the highest in the land or the lowliest public servants, shall at all times be answerable for their misconduct to the people from whom the government derives its powers.Meaning, nature and purpose of impeachment Impeachment is a method of national inquest into the conduct of public men. It is essentially in the nature of a criminal prosecution before a quasi political court, instituted by a written accusation called “articles of impeachment” upon the charge of the commission of a crime or some official misconduct or neglect. Its purpose to protect the people from official delinquencies or malfeasances. The penalties attached to impeachment are merely incidental to the primary intention of protecting the people as a body politic.Officials removable by impeachment, Grounds and Procedure of impeachmentOfficialsPresident, Vice President , the members of the Supreme Court , the members of the Constitutional Commissions and the OmbudsmanGroundsCulpable violation of the constitution , Treason, Bribery, Graft and corruption, Other high crimes and...
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