Poe's Background

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Include the year with all of the information you include in your organizer. Poe’s Vital Statistics
Date of Birth
January 19th 1809
Place of Birth
Boston, Massachussetts
Name at Birth
Edgar Poe

Poe the Early Years
Record information about Poe’s birth parents
When Poe was two years (1811) old his mother died and his alcoholic father had already left his family.

Record information about Poe’s adopted parents
At 2 (1811) years old the Allans, who worked at the tobacco industry, adopted him.

Record Poe’s name at baptism
The Allans changed his name to Edgar Allan Poe (1812)

Places Poe Lived
Record names and dates of the places Poe lived during his lifetime.
Boston 1809-1811
1811-1815 Richmond, VA
London, England 1815-1820
Returns to Richmond although travels constantly to Baltimore . 1821
Enlists in the army in Boston, Massachusetts 1827
Charleston, SC 1828
Fortress Monroe, VA 1829
Baltimore, Maryland 1831
Moves to Richmond with his family 1835
New York City 1837
Philadelphia, PA 1838
New York City, 1844
Returns to Richmond, VA 1849
Attempts to go to NYC, ends up in Baltimore and eventually dies, 1849 Poe’s Writing
Name the new genre Poe is accredited with creating.
Record some of the titles and dates of Poe’s work.
The Tell-Tale Heart 1843
The Cask of Amontillado 1846
The Raven 1845
The Masque of The Read 1850
The Fall of The House of Usher 1839
The Pit and the Pendulum 1843
The Purloined Letter 1845
Ligeia 1838
The Facts in the Case of M. Valdemar 1845
The Black Cat 1842
Important Women in Poe’s Life
List the important women in Poe’s life and when they died. Although Poe never really had a proper social interaction, Eliza Hopkins Poe (his mother), affected him tremendously because of her premature death on December 8, 1811. Frances Valentine Allan was the adoptive mother of Poe and also his first teacher. His relationship with him was very close but ended when Poe was only 20 years old on February 28th, 1829. Maria Clemm, was the aunt, mother of Virginia Clemm Poe (his wife) and the mother in law of Poe lived with him and her daughter and represented an important figure in Poe’s and Virginia’s marriage. She died on February 16th, 1871. Amanda Royster was believed to be Poe’s teen sweatheart when she was only 15, but Poe left for college. After she divorced from his first husband, she restarted the relationship with Poe, who had lost his wife, but could never get married because Poe died. She died on February 11th 1888. Virginia Clemm Poe, was probably the most important woman in Poe’s life. She was Poe’s only wife but also his cousin. They married when she was only 13 and he was 27, this marriage only lasted for some years as she died of tuberculosis on January 30th, 1847. Poe’s Relationship With His Father

Record examples that detail Poe’s relationship with his father. Poe’s relationship with his fathe was described as volatile, mainly because both had strong ideas and were brutally independent. The biggest problem in their relation happened in 1827, when Poe was sent to college, the problem was that John Allan (Poe’s adoptive father) saw college as an expensive luxury so he the allowance that he gave to Poe was very short. This led Poe to gamble and eventually into having a large debt. After a brutally exchange of words, Allan decided not to pay his debts, making Poe to leave college and enrolled into the army (May 1827). He then wrote a letter to his father telling Allan that if he wanted to forget that Poe was his son he should tell Poe inmediatly. Although no one knows exactly what was his dad’s anwer, Allan refused helping Poe in his career as a poet. Frances Allan (Poe’s mother) died,...
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