Pnr Hospital: What Happened?

Topics: Hospital, Philippine National Railways, Manila Pages: 3 (925 words) Published: March 18, 2012
Ian Tolledo (Researcher & Editor)
Iris Sanchez (Researcher & Editor)
Racel Mendoza (Exec Editor)

PNR: What was it like?
Among all the prominent hospitals in the Philippines, numerous hospitals were abandoned, some became dysfunctional, and yes -- lacked overall support from the government. One of the poorest is the PNR hospital. Philippine National Railways (PNR) in the country owns not only those railways for transportation for long distance passenger, cargo/freight express, real estate services but also a hospital. 109 Samson Road, known as Caimito Road before, at the City of Caloocan is where the said hospital is still located even in a state of neglect. PNR Hospital, first known as the Col. Salvador T. Villa Memorial Hospital, is built for giving a medical and hospital services to its employees and open to the public, established in 1960. Since PNR Hospital is government owned, it is considered as a public hospital. An old patient named Rosario Samson Magtalas have given birth to Armando Magtalas Balajia in PNR Hospital in Caloocan in April 23, 1970. Rosario’s husband was an employee of PNR, and so they had benefits upon the hospital bills. Intrigues about the disposal of the land

According to Engineer Lacsa, who works at Caloocan City Hall, The PNR BOD (Board of Directors), by virtue dated April 3, 2006; renew its intention to sell the hospital, including the land. There are several issues like, it’ll be bought for a shopping center, a university, and the latest: a motel. The potent speculation is that it will remain as hospital and further improvements shall be done. There were allegations during 1989 that PNR conducts a public auction and compromising in the disposal/divestment of the properties. A lot of bidders bid for the lot, and PNR actually invited six bidders for negotiation sale of its properties. Meeting last 9th of February 2010 for bidding, it only appears a representative...
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