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SUBMITTED BY Lakshmi P.R Second Year MBA Date: 3/10/12


1) List the important facts in the case.

SAS Pvt Ltd is a rapidly growing software firm in IT industry. Employee compensation package is one of the major factors which help SAS to maintain its employee loyalty. They facilitate activities like game, sports, yoga etc, which helps the employee to feel more relaxed in their workplace. Both mental and physical strength is necessary for deliver a better result. Activities offered by company helps the employee to balance both work life and family life together. Working hours of company is scheduled in such a way that to ensure the employee work life balance. Company following a relaxed culture which avoid stress and tension which is the major problem which is seen in majority IT companies. Enough leaves and medical facilities are providing by company without any salary cut which will help the company to make a secure feeling among employees. Job security is the major factor which all employees are looking for. Even though company is not providing stock options and higher salary, employees won’t feel any bad about it because of the loyalty they have towards the company. Layoff rate of company is maintained in a minimum level when compare to competitors and which helps them to save employee replacement-related costs and lost work time. Even though they are spending more for employee compensation they have a high rate of return from that. 2) Are progressive HR practices like those at SAS, a cause or a result of high profits? Yes. By doing progressive HR practices company can maintain a loyalty among employees which helps the organization for better performance. Work life balance helps the employee to maintain a healthy family life along with job and they feel more secure in their job. It helps the organization to reduce the rate of layoff which is the major loss for a company. Company can save...
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