Physics I Final Exam Example

Topics: Force, Thermodynamics, Fundamental physics concepts Pages: 4 (1044 words) Published: February 18, 2013
Q1- (30 points)

During a physics lab, the student ask to add water to a bucket connect by a negligible mass rope to an 80.0 kg car which is positioned on a track which is inclined 15.00above the horizontal. The idea is illustrated in figure. Consider we are using a frictionless pulley. If the coefficient, between the car and the track is 0.200: 150




a- Draw the free body diagram and write the Newton’s second law equation for each body, car and bucket. (5 points) b- What mass of water would be needed to start the car moving up? (10 points) c- With friction present, suppose water is added until the car is just about move (calculated in part b). Now an additional 4.00 kg of water is added to the bucket with the wheels of the car locked. When the wheels are unlocked, how long will it take the car to move 34.0 m up the track? (10 points) d- Explain with a specific example the first Newton’s laws and define what an inertial frame of reference is. (5points)

Extra Credit:
e- What is the weight of a 50 kg mass object measure in an elevator traveling upward at constant acceleration of 5.0 m/s2? How much the weight changes if it is measured in the same elevator moving with the same acceleration but downward? (3 points)

Q2- (30 points)

A 15.0 kg block is attached to a very light horizontal spring of force constant 500.0 N/m and is resting on a frictionless horizontal table. (See the figure). Suddenly it is struck by a 3.00 kg stone traveling horizontally at 8.00 m/s to the right, whereupon the stone rebounds at 2.00 m/s horizontally to the left.

a- Calculate the speed of the block just after the collision with the stone. (7 points) b- What kind of collision took place in between the block and the stone? Explain. (7 points) c- Find the maximum distance that the block will compress the spring after the collision. (7 points) d- Calculate the impulse of the block from the moment just after the...
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