Physics Study Guide

Topics: Transformer, Alternating current, Electricity Pages: 10 (4283 words) Published: May 14, 2013

1. The study of stationary or resting charges. ____________________________ 2. ________________________ is a connection made to Earth. 3. ________________________ is the process by which electrons are added or removed from a body. 4. List the three modes of electrification. __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ 5. This occurs when two objects touch, permitting electrons to move from one body to the other. ______________________________________________________________________________ 6. ____________________________________________________ occurs when an uncharged metallic object experiences a shift of electrons when brought into the electric field of a charged object. 7. This is the transfer of electrons from one object to another by rubbing. ____________________________________________________________________________________________ 8. Name the Laws of Electrostatics. _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ 9. This law states that charges will reside on the external surface of conductors. ______________________________________________________________________________ 10. The ___________________________________________________ states that like charges will repel while unlike charges will attract each other. 11. The ___________________________________________________ states that the greatest concentration of charge is on the surface where the curvature is the greatest. 12. This law states that the force between two charges is directly proportional to the product of their magnitude and inversely proportional to the square of the distance between them. ______________________________________________________________________________ 13. The ___________________________________________________ states that only negative charges will move along solid conductors. 14. This occurs as soon as the difference in charges becomes sufficiently great and the intervening distance becomes sufficiently small. At times it can be heard and/or seen. ______________________________________________________________________________ 15. This is the study of electric charges in motion. ________________________________________ 16. ______________________________________ is the force or strength of electron flow. The greater the excess of electrons at one point and the deficiency of electrons at another, the greater this will be. 17. The unit of measurement for __________________ __________________ is “E” or ________________________ and is defined as 1 Joule of work done on 1 Coulomb of charge. 18. ________________________ is the flow of electrical charge and is determined by the number of electrons flowing past a point in 1 second. 19. The unit of measurement for ________________________ is an ____________________ or “A” and is defined as 1 Coulomb of electrical charge flowing per second. 20. An Ampere consists of the movement of ______________________________ electrons per second. 21. What is the measurement of Current defined as in mA? ________________________________ 22. This type of current flows in the same direction throughout a conductor. ___________________ 23. This type of current will flow first in one direction and then reverse and move in the opposite direction in a conductor. ____________________________________ 24. ______________________________ will cause a change in amplitude. 25. ______________________________ is the amount of opposition to the flow of electrons in an electric circuit. 26. Resistance is dependant upon the following factors:...
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