Physics 2102

Topics: Magnetic field, Electromagnetism, Maxwell's equations Pages: 4 (756 words) Published: March 6, 2013
PHYS 2102
Final Exam
Fall 2008

Name :________________________

Student # : _________________________

Section (circle one):

001 (Dr. Leilabady) 002 (Dr. Astratov)092 (Dr. Aktas)

You have 2 ½ hours to complete your answers
There are 12 questions, 10 points each
Exam graded out of 100 points (i.e. there is up to 20% bonus opportunity)

This is a closed book exam. I understand I am not to use any notes or information other than on this exam sheet. I may use a pocket calculator but only for the purpose of numerical calculation. I accept the responsibility to know and observe the requirements of the UNC-Charlotte Code of Student Academic Integrity.


Show all of your work. Do not skip steps. First write down the relevant equations then substitute the numbers if necessary.


1. Two 1.2 g spheres are charged equally and placed 1.8 cm apart. When released, they begin to accelerate at 245 m/s2. What is the magnitude of the charge on each sphere?

2. For what electric field strength would the current in a 2.0 mm diameter nichrome wire be the same as the current in a 1.0 mm diameter aluminum wire in which the electric field strength is 0.0095 N/C? [Conductivity of Aluminum = 3.5 x 107Ω -1m-1 and conductivity of Nichrome = 6.7 x 105Ω -1m-1]

3. What is the escape speed of an electron launched from the surface of a 1.0 cm diameter plastic sphere that has been charged to +11 nC?

4. The electric potential in a region of space is V = (155x2 - 200y2) V, where x and y are in meters. What are the strength and the direction of the electric field at (2.0 m, 2.2 m)?

5. A battery with an emf of 75 V is connected to the two capacitors shown in Figure. Afterward, the charge on capacitor 2 is 655 µC. What is the capacitance of capacitor 2?


6. Consider the circuit in Figure, in which R = 12 [pic]....
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