Physical Abilities That One Should Have

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Physical ability is the capacity to do tasks or perform any work that requires stamina, dexterity, strength, and similar characteristics.

There are nine basic physical abilities that one should have. They are as follows:

▪ Strength Factors:

• Dynamic strength

• Trunk strength

• Static strength

• Explosive strength

▪ Flexibility Factors:

• Extent flexibility

• Dynamic flexibility

▪ Other Factors:

• Body coordination

• Balance

• Stamina

Now these physical abilities will be discussed in details.


• DYNAMIC STRENGTH: The ability to exert muscular force repeatedly or continuously over time. Dynamic strength is to apply force repeatedly over a long time. It improves one’s endurance.

For example: Doing exercise in the gym such as press-ups or cycling which will involve a lot of force that needs to be applied for a long time over and over.

• TRUNK STRENGTH: The ability to exert muscle strength using the trunk (particularly abdominal) muscles. It is the strength of muscles, particularly the abdominal muscles, in relation to their ability to move the trunk repeatedly or to support the trunk for a period of time. Trunk strength is an important component of physical fitness.

For example: Chops and Lunges are two forms of exercises that can be the example of trunk strength.

• STATIC STRENGTH: The ability to exert force against external objects. Static strength is to exert force on an object you cannot move; the muscles stay the same length.

For example: Arm Wrestling, that one has to put force against the other participant but without moving the hands of the other participant.

• EXPLOSIVE STRENGTH: The ability to expend a maximum of energy in one or a series of explosive acts. In other words is...
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