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Topics: Blood, Muscle, Heart Pages: 3 (759 words) Published: April 28, 2013

Body Temperature η (Increase)
♣ Working muscles produce heat
♣ Harder and faster = more heat.
♣ Blood transports heat to all parts of the body = warm-up ♣ Body quickly heats up and will overheat – response is to send blood to skin surface for cooling and to produce sweat. ♣ Moisture on the skin cools the body quickly (25x faster than air). ♣ (This why when you get out of the water at the beach or pool – you get cold quickly). ♣ This enables us to exercise and perform for longer.

♣ Sweat works just like the radiator in a car engine –
circulating water keeps the engine cooler and prevents overheating.

Lactic Acid η (Increase)
♣ Working muscles produce Lactic Acid
harder and faster = more Lactic Acid
♣ Lactic Acid is cleared by the blood. (plasma)
♣ Lactic Acid is delivered to the Liver
Cori Cycle – Θ converts Lactic Acid into glucose which re-enters the blood stream – this is a slow process. ♣ During hard exercise blood cannot clear the Lactic Acid fast enough. ♣ There is a build-up of Lactic Acid – this causes muscle fatigue and we have to slow down or stop.

Heart Rate η (Increase)
♣ Lactic Acid in the blood – Heart beats faster to speed up blood flow to start removing lactic acid. ♣ Working Muscles also require Oxygen and Glucose. By speeding up the blood flow more O2 and glucose (carried in the blood) can be delivered to the working muscles which helps produce energy. ♣ Working Muscles also produce Carbon-dioxide and water. These must be cleared away from the muscle by the blood. Faster blood flow allows faster removal of water and CO2. ♣ HR remains high after we stop exercising – blood clearing the Lactic Acid, CO2 & water.

Breathing Rate η & Tidal Volume η (Increase)
♣ Working Muscles require Oxygen to help produce energy.
♣ Speeding up the Breathing Rate more O2 can be absorbed by the blood and delivered to the working muscles. ♣ Taking deeper breaths (Tidal Volume) allows...
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