Photography Timeline

Topics: Digital single-lens reflex camera, Single-lens reflex camera, Nikon Pages: 2 (427 words) Published: January 6, 2013
1856: Mathew Brady created what’s known as the first modern advertisement which was placed an ad in the New York Herald paper offering to produce "photographs, ambrotypes and daguerreotypes." 1880: George Eastman, age 24, sets up Eastman Dry Plate Company in Rochester, New York. First half-tone photograph appears in a daily newspaper, the New York Graphic. 1888: First Kodak camera, containing a 20-foot roll of paper, enough for 100 2.5-inch diameter circular pictures. 1889: Improved Kodak camera with roll of film instead of paper 1907: First commercial colour film, the Autochrome plates, manufactured by Lumiere brothers in France 1917: Nippon Kogaku K.K., which will eventually become Nikon, established in Tokyo. 1921: Man Ray begins making photograms ("rayographs") by placing objects on photographic paper and exposing the shadow cast by a distant light bulb; Eugegrave;ne Atget, aged 64, assigned to photograph the brothels of Paris 1936: Development of Kodachrome, the first colour multi-layered colour film; development of Exakta, pioneering 35mm single-lens reflex (SLR) camera World War II:

Development of multi-layer colour negative films
Margaret Bourke-White, Robert Capa, Carl Mydans, and W. Eugene Smith cover the war for LIFE magazine 1947: Henri Cartier-Bresson, Robert Capa, and David Seymour start the photographer-owned Magnum picture agency 1948: Hasselblad in Sweden offers its first medium-format SLR for commercial sale; Pentax in Japan introduces the automatic diaphragm; Polaroid sells instant black and white film 1949: East German Zeiss develops the Contax S, first SLR with an unreversed image in a pentaprism viewfinder 1963: First colour instant film developed by Polaroid; Instamatic released by Kodak; first purpose-built underwater introduced, the Nikonos 1985: Minolta markets the world's first autofocus SLR system (called "Maxxum" in the US) 1986: First picture of the earth from the moon.

1987: The popular Canon EOS system introduced, with...
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