Photography Project Proposal

Topics: Website, World Wide Web, Web page Pages: 1 (278 words) Published: January 31, 2013
Site Title: Elise Parvati Photography
Developer: Elise Glynn
Project Definition: The contents of this website will include a web portfolio of my photography and video work. The web site will be divided into different categories of photos (portrait, events, fashion etc.) Target Audience: The target audience for my web page will mainly be for men and women who are looking to update their modeling portfolios, other photographers, promoters for events, and people who generally want their picture taken and edited well. Design Considerations: The main challenge of designing this web site will be keeping the elegance and the overall structure. There will need to be enough white space, correct image placement and easy navigation for the audience. Main Elements Outline: The main elements of the web site will include a main page, portrait page, fashion page, landscape and urban page, about page, and contact page. There will be links to my facebook fan page as well as my tumblr page.

Project Plan: The main goal is to complete this project at a fast pace, therefore there will be extra days to add additions and corrections to the web site to improve the overall look. Date| Task|

Week 1| Set up Unix Account and files|
Week 1,2,3| Begin main page/add links to each icon (portrait, fashion)Create banners and icons in Photoshop, link to other pages. Make separate folders for each content| Week 2,3| Add images too each category, make sure all images are aligned correctly with the ability for the audience to increase image size.| Week 3| Work on contact and about page. Still keeping the elegance.| Week 4| Final corrections and updates.|
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