Phlebotomy Review

Topics: Blood, Hematology, Red blood cell Pages: 7 (2246 words) Published: April 23, 2012
Phlebotomy Review
Question What is the study of blood and blood-forming tissues called? Which of the following is NOT a component of a CBC: RBC count, WBG count, ESR, Hct. or Hgb? For what is AFB a test? What type of consent is inferred by signs, inaction or silence? If one is neglectful or fails to perform an obligation they are guilty of which of the following: breach of duty, damages, libel, slander or precedent? The Latin phrase that means "Let the master answer" is which of the following: guardian ad litem, subpoena duces tecum proximate cause or respondeat superior? What is the legal term for the threat of bodily harm? Unauthorized publication of information about a patient is which of the following: tort, slander, libel, invasion of privacy or defamation of character? I you touched a patient without consent you could be guilty of what? What type of consent is given when a patient understands the risks and benefits of the procedure? If a phlebotomist does not use proper measures to prevent a fainting patient from falling of what is s/he guilty? On a chain of custody form which of the following does not need to be included: name of subject, name of person collecting sample, signature of person transporting the specimen, name of person receiving the specimen in the lab or name of physician? Define Asepsis. A term for killing organisms after they leave the body. What is a form of isolation in which anyone entering the patient's room and having direct contact with the patient wears gloves and gowns. What is the form of isolation used for patients who have diseases that can be spread by droplet infection? Which Federal Agency established in 1946, and headquartered in Atlanta, GA functions to prevent and control disease? Which non-governmental agency, headquartered in Chicago, IL, establishes guidelines for hospitals and health care agencies to follow regarding quality of care? Answer Hematology ESR Tuberculosis Implied consent Breach of duty

Respondeat superior

Assault Invasion of privacy

Battery informed consent Negligence

Name of physician

Germ free Medical Asepsis Contact isolation

Respiratory isolation



Which governmental agency requires employers to provide a safe work environment including measures to protect workers exposed to biological and occupational hazards? What are the Federal guidelines that regulate all clinical labs; regulate specific guidelines for QA, QC, record keeping and personnel qualifications and regulations apply to any site that test human specimens? What year was the Clinical Laboratory Improvements Amendments enacted? What is the AMA Enacted in 1996 by the U.S. Congress that protects health insurance coverage for workers and their families when they change or lose their jobs. These provisions require the establishment of national standards for electronic health care transactions and national identifiers for providers, health insurance plans and employers An institute formerly known as NCCLS - develops guidelines and sets standards of performance for all areas of the clinical laboratory An agency that outlines competencies for phlebotomy programs approved by their organizations, also approves phlebotomy programs. What is one of the most common errors when collecting blood specimen? What is a physician's order to obtain a specimen for testing? As blood circulates, which components does it carry to and from the lungs? This is often found on a requisition, but is not required. What is the most important task a phlebotomist has? If a specimen's identification is in doubt what should be done? In a hospital setting when should a phlebotomist never draw blood. What is the antecubital fossa? The destruction of red blood cells An accumulation of fluid under the skin A sterile disposable, sharp instrument used in dermal punctures A condition in which plasma enters the tissues resulting in a higher than normal concentration of the cellular components of blood

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