Philosophy Notes

Topics: Problem of evil, Human, Emotion Pages: 2 (512 words) Published: April 21, 2013
Philosophy 101-04
Professor Valadez
March 7, 2013

1. The problem of evil is a big problem for the Triple-O God. If he is all-good wouldn’t he hate the existence of evil and if he was all-powerful he would have the power to get rid of it. Many people claim that we bring the evils upon our self, and that God is testing us. Which to me, makes no sense, why do we need to be tested? Why not just eliminate it, if he really is all-powerful. 2.I think the designer is fully responsible. It’s just like when you invent a product or have a new drug come out. He has to know that nothing is perfect and that if he put on this planet he is responsible for the destruction it will cause, because it wouldn’t have caused any destruction if he had never built it. In the case of a flawed human being, and the perfect being with the ability to foresee the future has the same responsibility. But in that case if he can see the future what was our purpose of even existing. If this being knows what is going to happen I feel like we are just like a show on repeat. The being is responsible for the destruction we cause as humans because he can see it but if he is not all-powerful then he cannot stop it. 3. I think the reconcilers argument is great, but in some ways it is bad. A great example is my roommate whom we shall not name. But she has never experienced pain or suffering, I have asked her and she said she feels lucky to have not. I am sure sooner or later she will but she has never lost anyone, never had financial troubles, grew up with amazing friends/family, and has been with the guy she fell in love with since they met. She told me that sometimes she wishes she had something to empathize with people but it just hasn’t occurred yet. And the problem with this, is that it’s very hard for her to relate and feel empathy. She is also very anxious and afraid to experience the world, because she is scared to be scared. I couldn’t imagine being so anxious to do so many things,...
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