Philips and Baby Bottles

Topics: Philips, Infant, Baby bottle Pages: 9 (3552 words) Published: February 28, 2013
The product we have decided to create and sell is a baby bottle which has a bottom that unscrews. The purpose of this product is to make it easier for parents to wash baby bottles, which are often difficult to clean. Things like formula and milk may stick on the bottom and may take minutes of soaking to clean out. Even the dishwasher may not clean out the bottle good enough to use again. Often times the gunk does not get cleaned off. With a removable bottom, there is a guarantee that the bottle will be clean by the next use, which promotes hygiene. Another good part of this baby bottle is that is reusable and can last longer than a common bottle. Our main idea for this product is the hygienic and cleanliness aspects, which makes this product a great bottle to be manufactured and sold by the AVENT baby bottle company, which is run by Philips. This is the parent company we have chosen to function under because of their prominence for health and well-being, which is something our product, prides itself on. We want to ensure the safety of each child using the bottle. Another reason for choosing Philips AVENT as a parent company is their focus on innovation, and our product is something that has yet to be introduced into the market of baby products. The name of our product is called BottomsUp. The sector of Philips our product will fall under is the Consumer Lifestyle sector, which includes Norelco, AVENT, and Sonicare. During the year 2011, this sector sold €5.83 million, $7.55 million, in sales. The company as a whole made $5.12 billion in sales by the end of 2011. The market for baby bottles, which is an important sector of the infant/newborn product industry, is an industry that is dominated at the top by companies such as Philips AVENT, which provides a wide array of products for infants and newborn babies. As their website indicates, “Philips AVENT is a leader in parenting and baby products. The Philips AVENT products range includes breastfeeding, bottle feeding, toddler feeding, baby monitors and newborn gifts”. Though a baby product giant such as AVENT poses a significant challenge for an innovative product designer of a baby bottle that can be unscrewed from the bottom for easier cleaning, the presence of AVENT in the industry environment can also be seen as an asset and an opportunity to such a business concept. An area of the business environment for infant and newborn products which is becoming increasingly important is social media presence. Large companies such as AVENT and Gerber, which occupy a large market share of this industry, have embraced the use of social media to both proliferate information regarding their products, and thereby maintain a strong advertising presence on the internet, as well as disseminate educational information regarding infant and newborn health. For example, aside from maintaining a healthy presence on Social Media Platforms such as Facebook and Twitter, AVENT has embarked on creating its own social network for pregnant mothers through its “Due Date Club” application, which provides an opportunity to promote AVENT products as well as provide pregnant mothers with the chance to communicate experiences which mothers encounter during pregnancy. The efforts of industry giants such as AVENT in social demonstrate that social media presence is an important vehicle for communicating information about products to potential consumers, while simultaneously developing a socially conscious reputation in providing important information regarding infant and newborn health. The importance of developing and maintaining a socially conscious reputation within an industry such as infant and newborn products cannot be overstated. This industry is critically hedged in promoting healthy outcomes for infants and newborns, and is thereby deeply connected with the need to provide health education to parents. Since a business concept which is centered on a unique product such as a baby bottle that can be...
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