Philippines Criminal Justice Education

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  • Published : March 8, 2013
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Philippines Criminal Justice System
2nd Semester SY: 2012-2013
Assignment No. 01

Prepared by: Pabalan, Jerome P. BS of Criminology 1st Yr.

I. Identification

* ____________1. It is refers to the agencies of government charged with enforcing law, prosecuting crimes, convicting or acquitting criminals, correcting criminal standards, and providing assistance to reformed criminals in their return to normal life in the community. * ____________2. It is essentially an instrument of social control. * ____________3. Specifies formal methods to enforce rules and range of distinctive sanctions for violation. ____________4. It is found in all societies, and each culture has developed some mechanism to control it. ____________5. The goals of the criminal justice system.

____________6. Its where to defines what is illegal, and prescribes the procedures that officials must use at anyattempt to achieve these goals. ____________7. It is called deterring offenders from committing crime. ____________8. It is called deterring the public from committing crime in the first place. ____________9. Instead of being an effective institution for special deterrence, prisons have often been referredto where? ___________10. Who decide to bring suspected criminal events to the attention of the police. ___________11. Who decide whether or not to investigate the allegation and seek an arrest warrant. ___________12. Who participates by granting or refusing to grant search and arrest warrants. ___________13. Who’s decisions to invoke the criminal justice process by reporting to the police are related tothe seriousness of the crime. ___________14. A decision is made whether or not to investigate the case. ___________15. The Constitution, as interpreted by Supreme Court, provides some of these what?

II. Arrange the following in order from “First phase” to “last phase” (Don’t use the digit numbers or a letters)

____________a. Consists of...
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