Philippine Revolts

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Igorot Revolt

-The Igorot Revolt was a religious revolt in 1601 against Spanish attempts to Christianize the Igorot people of northern Luzon, in the Philippines. -Flavio Maniago in Alliance with Magalat of Cagayan was the leader of this revolt. Governor-General Francisco de Tello de Guzmánsent Captain Aranda with Spanish and Filipino colonial troops. -The Spaniards were determined to convert the Igorots to Christianity. They launched a crusade to proselytize the highland natives of Luzon and to place them under Spanish Authorities. -A strong expedition was sent to the Igorot land to stop the natives from resisting colonial subjugation. However, the Spaniards were only able to gain nominal political and military control over them.

Miguel Lanab and Alababan of Capinatan(Apayao)

-Revolted in June 1625
- They mutilated and beheaded the Dominicans Fr. Alonzo Garcia and Brother Onofre Palao. -Fr. Garcia was cut to pieces and his flesh thrown to the pigs. -they compelled the Isnegs to go with them to the mountains, set fire to the churches, desecrate the images and loot properties. - In 1626, a Spanish punitive force was dispatched to check the Isneg uprising. A great number of palms were destroyed by the cruel Spaniards to starve the Isnegs and forced them to surrender.


A newly Christianized babaylan in Oton, Iloilo.
Proclaimed himself “God Almighty” and who “went about in the garb of a woman.” In 1663, they killed Fr. Francisco de Mesa, burned the house and church, and fled to the mountains. The Spaniards captured the leaders and were killed.

Francisco Rivera (Tuguegarao)

A visionary who appropriated for himself the title of “Papa Rey” (Pope and King) He, together with his believers, “deprived all the citizens and dependents of the Church” the freedom of worship by instructing his adherents to give back the rosaries,scapularies, and other religious objects to the Dominicans.

He was described as “the only rebel...
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