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Instructor contact information

Instructor:| Dr. Larry Curry| Phone:| 281 452-7130|
| | Hours of Availability:| 30 min. before or after class| E-mail:| Larry.T.Curry.@lonestar.ed | Website:||

Course Information

Course Title:| Intro to Philosophy| Semester and Year:| Summer 2013| Course Prefix:| PHIL| | |
Course Number:| 1301| Class Days & Times:| M, T, W, & Th 5:30 P.M. – 7:35 P.M| Credit Hours:| 3| | |
Lecture Hours:| 3| Class Room Location:| 208|
Lab Hours:| | | |
External Hours:| | | |
Total Contact Hours:(All hrs. x 16)| 48| | |

CEU’s (if linked w/ credit course):NOTE: divide the credit contact hours by 10 to get the Continuing Education Units.| N/A|

Course overview

Catalog Description:

A study of major issues in philosophy and/or the work of major philosophical figures in philosophy. Topics in philosophy may include theories of reality, theories of knowledge, theories of value, and their practical applications.

Course Learning Outcomes:
1. Read, analyze, and critique philosophical texts.
2. Demonstrate knowledge of key concepts, major arguments, problems, and terminology in philosophy.
3. Present logically persuasive arguments both orally and in writing. 4. Demonstrate critical thinking skills in evaluation and application of philosophical concepts to various aspects of life.

5. Evaluate the personal and social responsibilities of living in a diverse world.

In our efforts to prepare students for a changing world, students may be expected to utilize computer technology while enrolled in classes, certificate, and/or degree programs within LSCS. The specific requirements are listed below:

Prerequisites:ENGL 0305 AND ENGL 0307 or 0356, OR higher level course (ENGL 1301), OR placement by testing


Required Material: Philosophy History & Problems, 8th Edition by Stumpf and Fieser

Optional Materials
or Reference Texts: N/A

Instructor guidelines and policies

Attendance: Full attendance per class period is expected. Students are expected to sign the class attendance roll each meeting. After four (4) absences, a student may be dropped from class at the professor’s discretion. All students will start with an attendance grade of 100 points which equals 10% towards your final course grade. For each absence, 20 points will be subtracted. For each tardy or leaving class early 5 points will be subtracted. The attendance grade may become a negative number. In case of catastrophic situations this policy may be waived.

Good attendance is one of the major keys to success in college and the work place.

Assignments: This course is designed for student success for those who work hard. Based on past experience, these students are easy to describe. In general they: 1) never miss a class, 2) are always on time, 3) complete their reading and other homework assignments, 4) participate energetically in class, 5) study, read and write as well as their skills will allow, and 6) do extra credit work if needed.

There will be a take home chapter test over each chapter covered (26 chapters). Chapter tests are to be completed prior to class discussion. Chapter tests are to be taken via LSC-Online: Angel and must be completed prior to the beginning of class of the date due. You may take each test twice (the average score will be recorded.) No make-up or late chapter tests will be permitted. There will also be in-class graded activities and additional computer learning activities.

Make-up Exams: A student that misses a unit test should be prepared to take the test in the Student Commons Area (1st floor) within four class days. Ten points will be deduced for each instructional day the test is not taken. After four class days a grade of zero will be issued

Extra Credit: Students may...
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