Phantom of the Opera Review Notes

Topics: Singing, Opera, Vocal range Pages: 2 (614 words) Published: May 1, 2013
Introduction to the musical drama notes
Auction house scene selling Hannibal poster, wooden pistol and 3 skulls, monkey musical box, Breaks out into song when monkey collectors piece is won.
Auction 666 the phantom of the opera, majestic music production, Phantom organist wearing half mask. Opera performance interrupted by director during singing, after performance owner announces retirement and introduces new owners. New owner Andre requests performance from lead singer and then during singing the phantom of the opera strikes. Lead singer (Carlotta) freaks out because the owner does nothing of the “happenings” for the last three years and storms off. New owners Andre and ? are duped into buying haunted production Violinist’s daughter Christine volunteers to sing in her place and gets the job after a brilliant performance. Dancer asks her who her “tutor” is, she sings about an angel of music that appears in the night Christine’s old childhood friend finds her and reminds her of a red scarf as they reminisce of old times. The phantom speaks out against the friend Raul as an intruder of his art and takes her away as her angel of music. They sing a duet about the phantom of the opera being in her mind and being the words she sings. The Phantom needs her to relay his music to the audience and sings vicariously through her. He sings to her to inform her that music of the night is the key to freedom of a new world in her life. Christine snatches the Phantoms mask off to see his face and now she has to remain in his captivity for the night but he sings to her to explain that the mask is only to cover the ugly side of his face but the beauty of music can overcome ugliness with love. The phantom writes letters to all of the key operations people and demands the changes of “his” Theater which was to put Christine in the lead role and Carlotta in the background. The Phantom ruins Carlotta’s performance by making her sing like a toad and the owners call for...
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