Peyo and the Smurfs

Topics: The Smurfs, Peyo, Spirou Pages: 4 (1050 words) Published: December 12, 2012
Title: Peyo and the Smurfs

General Purpose: Inform / Entertain

Thesis Statement (goal of your speech): Today I will be talking about Pierre's life, and the legacy he left behind.

I. Introduction
A. Did you know that the word Smurf was created when Pierre Culliford, the creator of The Smurfs, forgot the word for salt? B. Today I will be talking about Pierre's life, and the legacy he left behind.

C. Preview (thesis statement and each main point)
1. First, I will tell you about Peyo's life in the beginning of his work experience. 2. Next, I will tell you about the beginning of his career.
3. Finally, I will tell you about the legacy Peyo left us.

*Everyone has to start somewhere, and for Peyo, that somewhere was at his first job.

II. Body
A. The beginning
1. According to IMPS, or, International Merchandising, Promotion & Services (2012), the creators of The Official Smurfs Website, Pierre Culliford, otherwise known as Peyo, “... had to start earning a living at an early age...” due to his father's premature death.

a. This tragedy, however, led to the beginning of his career. “His first job was as a movie projectionist in the small 'Le Mirano' cinema,” as stated by the previously mentioned IMPS. b. The videos seen there inspired him throughout his artistic career. He took the medieval and science-fiction aspects from the movies he had seen there, and applied them to his future works.

2. After this job, he nearly became a dental assistant, but instead found a job at a cartoon studio in his hometown of Brussels, Belgium. This job allowed him to work with some of Europe's most influential comic book artists of the time. a. It was during this job that the inspiration for The Smurfs came. IMPS stated that in a cartoon called “The gift to the Fairy,” little blue imps with flowers as hats made an appearance. They performed tasks in a very “smurfy” way. b. Unfortunately though, the studio was closed down, causing Peyo to switch medias....
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