Persuasive Speech

Topics: Nutrition, Food, Dieting Pages: 5 (1376 words) Published: December 4, 2012
“The Importance of Eating Breakfast”

Specific Purpose: To persuade my audience to take a few minutes from their busy lives to breakfast in the mornings.

Central Idea:As your age increases so does the percentage of skipping breakfast, which can lead to many problems ,big or small, throughout your life. I encourage you to take a little bit of time each day to eat breakfast.


Attention Getter:How many of you enjoy putting on a few pounds? I don’t mean gaining muscle, therefore gaining weight. I’m talking about unattractive, unhealthy fat. Ok, well what about low energy levels; Does anyone like the feeling of fatigue? I’m gonnajust go out on a limb and say that none of you in here would be happy to see the scale climb a few numbers higher or feel worn out half way through your day. These unwanted things can all be prevented just by eating breakfast.

Relating to Audience:According to, the Morning Meal Scape 2011 surveyed over 25,000 people in the first few months of 2011. The results show that males group, ages 18-34, are most likely to skip breakfast (28 percent) and the group that was most likely to eat a morning meal were females ages 55 and olderbecause only 10 percent answered yes to skipping breakfast. If we were to go by these statistics in here, that would mean approximately 3 males and 5 females didn’t eat breakfast this morning. (The reason females is actually higher in this case is due to the male/female ratio in our classroom).

Credibility Material:Growing up I hardly ever ate breakfast. My mom would already be at work, so that left it up to my dad to become Mr. Mom to two children each morning along with getting himself ready for work. Occasionally I would grab a quick snack while running out the door, but every time that my parents knew I had a test or something important to do my dad made sure I ate breakfast on those mornings. At the time, I was just in elementary school and didn’t really put two and two together, but as I got older obviously better understood why. Not living under my parents’ roof while attending UTM I soon realized breakfast was an essential. I was in the “big leagues” now so I had to treat everyday like I did when I was younger and had an “important day”.

Central Idea/Preview:Today I am going to talk to you about crucial it is to just to take a few minutes out of your day to eat breakfast. I am also going to give you simple and easy solutions to eating breakfast even when you’re running late, and reveal to you the innumerable benefits of such a small act.

(Transition: Let’s start by looking at some of the problems that skipping breakfast can have)


I. Skipping breakfast has many unwanted problems that effect your everyday life.
A. One of the most common problems with skipping breakfast, according to, is lack of energy.
1. Glucose is needed in your blood stream in order to give you energy throughout your day. After a full nights rest you have potentially gone 8 or more hours without any food so your glucose levels drop significantly overnight which is why it is so hard for most people to get up and going in the mornings because they don’t have energy.

2. As a result of not having energy it could cause you to have lack of concentration as well, which could lead to innumerable problems. For example, if you weren’t really that focused in class you may miss a piece of important information such as a test or a quiz coming up, therefore you wouldn’t be prepared for it causing your grade to suffer

3. Not having energy can also play into effect with your mood. It could cause you to become irritable or even depressed.

B. Another unwanted side effect of not eating a morning meal is weight gain.
1. According to, people actually claimed they...
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