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By | April 2012
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User Rules For Internet Usage

Kosmos Bye

Workers in an office type setting that frequently use computers and the internet during work

What can we do to prevent viruses? Network hackers? Workers using social websites during work? Spreading around offensive content?

Internet security is a necessity in the workplace. This is why a new set of end user rules should be implemented.

I. Internet in the workplace.

A. First Formal Appearance in the Workplace
Originally, the internet was only used by military establishments Now the internet is used in almost any workplace.

B. Time Spent Online
1.5.7 hours per week browsing non work-related websites . 2.Employees, on average, only admit to spending 3.06 hours per week accessing non work-related sites.

C. Online Activities At Work
1.Use of Blogs/Social Networks INTENDED for your company
2.Use of services such as Ebay, Craigslist, PayPal, etc. to perform daily duties

Various Forms of Regulation

A. Different Approaches
1.Constitutional Approach
2.State Control Approach

B. Different Approaches cont.
1.Statutory approach
2.Self-regulation approach

C. Rating and Filtering Techniques
1.Rating systems: RSAC/ICRA, SafeSurf, NetShepard, etc.
2.Filtering Systems: Most internet browsers come equipped with their own filtering systems

Making The Internet Safe For Work

A. Regulation
1.Freedom of expression should be an absolute right.
2.All rights have to be qualified because absolute rights threaten other rights.

B. How to Secure Your Workplace from Internet threat
1. Regulate the websites your employees have the ability to access and not access accordingly. 2.Keep records of incidents related to improper use of the internet during work

C. Conclusion
1.In the end, users must be accountable for their actions and be well advised on techniques and...

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