Personal Values Short Assignment for Ethics 316

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Personal Values Short Answer Assignment

Instructions: Please personally respond to the following three areas regarding the development of your own personal values in paragraph form. Please type in your personal response below each question (expand the space accordingly).

Post your completed assignment as an attachment using the Assignments tab.

Please be brief (only a paragraph or two per question). This is not an essay. :)

Describe what your values are.
My values to me are defined as my own personal set of morals, or the way you do things or treat people. My values are just that; MINE, meaning that they may not work for someone else. To me, my values are fine, but to someone else whose upbringing was totally different than mine, they may perceive my values as strange. For example, I was raised to not rinse dishes after washing. However, my girlfriend told me that was strange, but we just don’t rinse because we rinse before we use the dishes, so it seems kind of pointless.

Who are the sources (people, institutions, events, etc.) that helped to shape your values? The main driving source of all of my values is my family. That’s where almost everyone gets their morals and values from because until children start school age, all we know is our family. Values start out as a learned behavior, and then it becomes second nature (like not rinsing dishes off). Another factor is your environment, for example, if you are from an affluent and prosperous environment, then the chances of you being successful are great, hence the term ‘you are a product of your environment) How do your values influence your performance in your work place? My values influence my performance greatly. I’ve been told that I have a great work ethic and a very focused mentality. This is because growing up, my mother was strict, not VERY strict, but strict enough so that I had discipline and willpower, and knew when to buckle down. In addition to being disciplined, I...
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