Personal Swot Analysis

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  • Published : November 29, 2011
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1) Personal SWOT analysis.

·Confident - I feel that I am a very confident person, in a number of different aspects. I'm confident when presenting to a large crowd, confident in my academic ability, aswell as confident in putting my ideas across to another. ·Sociable - I am a very sociable person, and like to be around friends alot of the time. I am easy to get along with, and believe that people enjoy my company. I like to go out and socialise and play football on weekends with friends. ·Approachable - I am a very approachable person, my friends know they are able to come to me for anything, from advice for personal issues, to help with work. ·Caring - I am an extremely caring person, and care about how people are feeling, and always look to resolve any unrest between colleagues or friends. I care how people are feeling and I always look to make sure that everything is ok. ·Hard Working - I am a hard working individual, and this can be seen through my work and interests. I strive for excellence in all that I do, and care about doing it right. From academic work, to the simplest of tasks. ·Team Worker - I am very good at working in a team, my part time job involves me working in a team, i play football which involves myself and my team mates to work together. i enjoy having to work together to achieve something. It gives you a feel good factor knowing you are able to achieve whilst working together. ·Ambitious - I am extremely ambitious individual, and very focused. I have my mind set on what i want to do, and how im going to go about it. I have set no limits of how far i want to go in life, and want to do the best i can. ·Literate - One of my strong points throughout my academic life, is that i am a very literate individual. English has always been a strength, and my grammar and spelling has always been of a high standard. This will help me in projects and presentations on this course,...
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