Personal Rites of Passage

Topics: Adolescence, Mind, Education in the People's Republic of China Pages: 2 (465 words) Published: October 15, 2012
What is the most significant RITE OF PASSAGE in your adolescent experience?
The first RITE OF PASSAGE that comes to mind (so, in turn, I’m making the assumption it is the most vivid and life changing) was my decision to put my post secondary education on hold in order to purchase my first home with my spouse. These decisions made me feel as though I was thrust into adulthood and no longer under the protective wing of my parents because both decisions were opposing what my parents felt were in my best interest and I had yet to so largely and so obviously defy their direct wishes. In their eyes, my spouse and I were now being seen as having gained significant responsibility and to the fact we were able to make a purchase so great, after the initial shock wore off, we were highly congratulated How do you feel about the comment made in class that adolescence is a time in life when young people become SCORE KEEPERS OF PAIN?

I agree with this assessment of adolescence. From what I’ve witnessed and from my own experiences during my adolescence, life’s blips and struggles can feel as though they’re much worse than they really are when seen from a subjective viewpoint. The phrase “score keepers of pain” plays very well into the idea that adolescents are consistently comparing themselves to their peers in order to grasp some sense of normalcy. As an adolescent, hanging in limbo, your gauge on problematic situations is based on the severity of the problems of those around you. I feel this idea of keeping score is synonymous with all adolescents. Personally, I recall feeling embarrassed for my reactions to a particular set of complaints I was venting after finding out a school friend was involved in a much worse situation. This experience, along with others like it, felt like a RITE OF PASSAGE as I began learning how to be grateful for what I did and did not have to deal with and genuinely empathetic to others. What are some ways the four stages of story, (innocence,...
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