Personal Development Plan

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Personal Reflection
Experiences of Team Working:

During my second year in Islington College a part of London metropolitan university, the module employment skills for computing provide us an opportunity to work in a group of team for the industry visit program. This module also teaches us about the importance of working with the team for any organization in the future employment process. These modules facilitate the learning and enhanced the understanding. Team work in my opinion is the generic skills that have lifelong relevance. This includes the ability to communicate with the team members effectively, to work collaboratively to solve the major problems, to engage with the different deserve team workers. Here for this module we have four different energetic members to evolve for the study the IT Company in Nepal.

According to the module requirement we first manage to prepare the interim report about the company. So the task was distributed among the team members accordingly. During this distribution my general task was to study the history of the Nepal IT company. Similarly, I have to present the industry profile as well as the swot analysis of the company. Likewise the different department of the company was also my part of the study. During this study I develop myself about the terms as parts of the industry. This provides me to become familiar about the industry which is directly important for my final year project.

Meanwhile, our team also face some internal problems regarding the different ideas generated by the different members. So we realized to develop a solid conclusion that would address the rest of the member’s ideas in the common way. In compare to others team working in the same fields our team never face the problems of the communication gap. This is the main advantages for us to complete our task smoothly.

Apart from this, conflict sometimes can be a good thing. Sometimes conflicts generate the discussion for the problems solving. Conflict management was the major part that I learned during this module. This module brought a very interesting experience where each and every one is highly responsible for their task to be done. Lastly to all had a very good time in the group work and can’t forget the potential help provided by our module leader.
Benefits from this module:

From this module I learn a huge amount of quality to development myself to achieve the career goal. Initially this module helps me to generate my concrete future goal and objectives. Considering the PDP assignment result, I had demonstrate the better attitude for the planning of the personal improvement to be able change the strategy if it is not working properly in the right way. Also I had recognized the opportunities for the new learning experiences for the self improvement and monitor the progress about my set goals and objectives. It also helps to reflect some skills, attributes that I had develop or improve to achieve my goals in life. I have determined some area of good strength as well as professional weakness. Also for the citation and referencing this module provides me some ideas about the Harvard referencing style. Meanwhile this module also helps to generate a good example of the CV, resume, Bio data and the covering letter which is very important for the employment. Secondly this module provides some ideas about the presentation skill development with some practical workshop. And also helps to face the interviews without nervousness. Job interviews preparation of this module directly helps us to find a better solution for our future job interviews. Apart from this, employment skills for computing module also provide the solution of the better marketing strategy for the business organisation. In other word, I learned the marketing techniques in this module which is very important for my future. Also I learned to generate a good business plan for the company and also the team work...
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