Persepolis Study Guide

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  • Published: January 21, 2013
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Persepolis Study Guide Questions
1. Satrapi is trying to dispel the stereotypical image that all Iranians are fundamentalists, extremists, or terrorists. 2. The author’s two motives for writing the book are to dispel the stereotype and to honor the memory of those who fought for freedom and died.

“The Veil”
1. The novel begins in 1979.
2. The two outcomes of the Islamic Revolutions were the shutting down of bilingual schools, and the girls had to wear veils. 3. The children dislike the veil; they don’t understand why they have to use it so they take it off or use it to play. 4. The new regime made boys and girls go to different classes, they were not together anymore. 5. The veil symbolizes religion and the power the new “king” had over them. 6. The bilingual school symbolized capitalism of decadence. 7. Women did have a response to the veil, they didn’t like it. Most women shouted “freedom” and that makes us think the veil was a form of dictatorship. 8. There was a picture of Marjane’s mother taken by a journalist and this was because she was in a protest against the veil and the new dictatorship. It was shown around the world to see what was happening there. Her mother got scared and therefor changed her hair color and wore dark glasses for a long time. The reason behind this is that if the dictator knows who this person is then he might do something against her and her family. 9. In the picture on page 6 there is a girl who has half the veil on and half being avant-garde. It represents the conflict she has with being religious and being modern. Deep inside she is religious but she can’t express it the way she wants to because of modern times, they are different. 10. When marji was six she decided to be a prophet, and was convinced she was the last one. 11. Marji wanted to be a prophet to have equal rights, for example her maid sitting with them, because her father had a Cadillac, and above all,...
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