Peron's Rise to Power

Topics: Argentina, Juan Perón, Peronism Pages: 3 (542 words) Published: April 17, 2012
Rise of Peron

1.How did the long term context in Argentina help Juan Domingo Peron to rise to power? •Political: Unpopularity of the governments of the Infamous Decade – explain. •Argentine nationalism as promoted by the FORJA (Radical Orientation Forces of Argentine Youth) (Proyect) •Socio-economic: Problems faced by the working class ( also complete Student Study section p13 Q a of Mimmack and use the first paragraph under Peron: Secretary of Labour and Welfare p15 Mimmack to help) •Geographical: Buenos Aires vs rest of the country

2.Shorter term factors:
Position of Argentina during the Second World War
GOU and the coup of 4th June 1943 (also compete Student Study section p14 Q a and b of Mimmack)

3.Peron’s positions in the new military government helped his rise to power by making him appear as someone prepared to lead and make a difference (ACTIONS). Take each position in turn and explain what difference Peron made and what evidence there is for leadership: •Secretary of Labour and Welfare: - problems faced by the working class, what he did – methods and policies which gained him support. (To consider: Did he use legal methods or force?). Student Study section p16 - answer BOTH sets of Q a and b of Mimmack. Importance of earthquake of 1944.

What support did he gain? Why is it important?
Minister of War and Vice-President: - what effect did the abandoning of neutrality have on the government ...and Peron.
What support did he gain? Why is it important?

4.Peron’s support and appeal. Leaders rise to power because their aims appeal to enough people to get support so what were Peron’s aims? This is not easy to answer. Use Source E p18 and the Student Study Section that follows to begin gathering evidence to explain the meaning of PERONISM – his ideology

5.How did the following influence Peronism?
The army
Peron’s time in Italy and Germany in the 1930s? (Proyect, and Mimmack) Third position or middle...
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