Peripherals Module Quiz

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Peripherals Module
Started:01/15/2013 12:08 PM EST
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Instructors: you can download the solution set for this checkpoint by clicking on the following link: Solution Set for the Peripherals Module
Question 1
Points: 10 out of 10
In a situation where a handicapped person can only input data into the computer using a stylus or light pen, which keyboard configuration might be the solution? * -------------------------------------------------

 A keyboard with internal lighting to support work in low-light conditions. * -------------------------------------------------
 A flat waterproof keyboard.
* -------------------------------------------------
 A split-style keyboard that separates and angles groups of keys into right- and left-hand portions. * -------------------------------------------------
 A keypad that is projected on an external flat surface.
Correct. This seems to be the best solution since the user could use the stylus or light pen to tap on the displayed keys. Question 2
Points: 10 out of 10
If you use your desktop computer only for doing schoolwork, which input and output device combination would be best from the options below (considering the best combination of cost, screen resolution, and keyboard design)? * -------------------------------------------------

 a gaming keyboard and a 27" LCD monitor
* -------------------------------------------------
 a foldable keyboard and a 15" LCD monitor
* -------------------------------------------------
 a wireless keyboard and a 24" LED monitor
* -------------------------------------------------
 a split-style keyboard and a 30" LED monitor
Correct. The wireless keyboard will work nicely in this situation; and the LED monitor is a very good size. Question 3
Points: 10 out of 10
You are considering using cloud storage as your primary system for saving your data. What advantages does this storage media have over using your system’s hard drive or some other external media (external hard drive, flash drive, R/W disks) for storing your data? * -------------------------------------------------

 The cloud storage provider ensures that you have a backup of your data. * -------------------------------------------------
 You can always get to your data from anywhere.
* -------------------------------------------------
 The data is more secure in cloud storage than on your own storage devices. * -------------------------------------------------
 Cloud storage is definitely less expensive than the cost of a hard drive or external devices. Feedback
Correct. This is one task that the cloud storage provider takes care of for you: it is responsible for ensuring that your data can be retrieved. Question 4
Points: 10 out of 10
Which device would not be appropriate for holding data, instructions, and information for future use? * -------------------------------------------------
 8Gb RAM
* -------------------------------------------------
 1Tb external hard drive.
* -------------------------------------------------
 CD or DVD
* -------------------------------------------------
 Cloud storage
Correct. RAM is volatile memory, and all data and instructions will be lost when the computer is turned off. Question 5
Points: 10 out of 10
Which of the following can be considered an output device?
* -------------------------------------------------
* -------------------------------------------------
 dot matrix printer
* -------------------------------------------------
 wireless mouse
* -------------------------------------------------
 virtual keyboard
Correct. A dot matrix printer can only receive information from the computer for printing. Question 6
Points: 10 out of 10
Which device would be used to hold data, instructions, and information for future use? *...
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