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Topics: Han Dynasty, Confucianism, Roman Empire Pages: 2 (706 words) Published: January 31, 2013
* Although the Chinese, Han and Roman Empires differed in their reasons for conquest, and response to crises and their religion; they were similar in their implemented common language, trade methods, and their central governments and bureaucracy’s.

Outline for Compare and Contrast Essay
I. Differences
A. The empires differed in their militaristic importance and reasoning for conquest. 1. The Han Dynasty used Confucianism as a way to expand their empire; they spread it through trade and order. 2. The Han Dynasty spread their empire in a non-relentless way, or less often than the Roman Empire. 3. Romans used their reasoning from the gods, who often represented war, to conquer others relentlessly. 4. Peaceful religion was not as stressed for the reason for expansion, more so through blood shed and unrest B. In addition, the two different empires differed in their ways of response to crises. 5. Roman Empire responded with having a dictator for six months. 6. Han Dynasty responded with the current emperor losing the Mandate of Heaven. 7. Roman Empire had more times of crisis because there was a lack of control which the Han Dynasty had. 8. Han Dynasty was able to control, generally, those within the empire because of Confucianism. C. The different philosophical ideas and religious ideas contributed to the differences. Confucianism affected the Han Dynasty by providing a sense of commonality between people, including filial piety, which allowed for more stability. The Mandate of Heaven was also a cause of a difference since this controlled who was the emperor and who wasn’t. The Roman Empire responded to crises by allowing their personal beliefs of warrior-based ethos, influenced by their gods, and had a dictator appointed for six months. However, the Chinese Han’s Confucian ideology allowed for more order or the loss of the Mandate of Heaven. II....
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