Performance Management Study Notes

Topics: Strategic planning, Performance management, Human resource management Pages: 68 (14416 words) Published: August 11, 2012
Heriot-Watt University

Edinburgh Business School

MSc. Human Resource Management

Module One: Performance Management and Reward Systems in Context3
Module Two: The Performance Management Process9
Module Three: Performance Management And Strategic Planning13
Module Four: Defining Performance and Choosing a Measurement Approach18
Module Five: Measuring Results and Behaviours21
Module Six: Gathering Performance Information25
Module Seven: Implementing a Performance Management System30
Module Eight: Performance Management and Employee Development36
Module Nine: Performance Management Skills40
Module Ten: Reward Systems and Legal Systems46
Module Eleven: Managing Team Performance52

A continuous process of:
* Identifying
* Measuring
* Developing
performance in organizations by linking individual’s performance and objectives to the organization’s overall mission and goals. A continuous process of:
* Identifying
* Measuring
* Developing
performance in organizations by linking individual’s performance and objectives to the organization’s overall mission and goals. Module One: Performance Management and Reward Systems in Context

Definition of Performance Management:

It has 2 main Components:
a) Continuous process: an ongoing - never ending process of setting goals and objectives, observing performance, and giving and receiving ongoing coaching and feedback b) Strategic Congruence: managers must ensure that employees’ activities and outputs are congruent with the organisation’s goals – gain a competitive advantage – PMS creates the direct link & explicit the employee’s contribution

Distinguish between PM and Performance Appraisal: PA is just a part of the whole

The Performance Management Contribution

1 Motivation to perform is increased| | Recognition of past success – fuel for future accomplishments| 2 Self-esteem is increased| | Feedback fulfils the basic need of being appreciated & valued @ work| 3 Managers gain insight about subordinates (Mgt Std. D1: Dev prod working relationship with colleagues)| | Helps managers build a relationship – gains better understanding of individual contribution to the org| 4 The definitions of job and criteria are clarified| | Employees understand required results & behaviours to be successful| 5 Self-insight and development are enhanced| | Understands one’s strengths & weaknesses & suitable development activities| 6 Personnel actions are more fair and appropriate| | Merit increase, promotions, transfers, terminations – fair distribution of rewards – enhance supervisor – subordinates trust & interpersonal relationship| 7 Organisational goals are made clear| | Employees understand the link between their activities and org success| 8 Employees become more competent| | A major contribution – developing employees through developmental plans| 9 There is better protection from lawsuits| | Evidence of compliance to regulations and equality between employees| 10 There is better and more timely differentiation between good and poor performers| | Force supervisors to address problems before it is too late, costly and cannot be remedied| 11 Supervisors’ views of performance are communicated more clearly(Mgt Std. D6: Allocate & Monitor work quality & progress)| | Managers communicate their judgments & subordinates receives useful info regarding their perf in their supervisors view| 12 Organisational change is facilitated| | Align org culture with the goals & objectives of the org – training provided / rewards allocated|

Disadvantages/Danger of Poorly Implemented Performance Management Systems

1 Employees may quit due to results| | Physically ( quit) / psychologically (minimize efforts until they find a job elsewhere)| 2 False or misleading info may be used| | Fabricating info about employee’s perf| 3 Self-esteem may be...
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