Perception, Cognition and Emotion

Topics: Cognition, Psychology, Mind Pages: 1 (330 words) Published: December 5, 2011

This chapter reviews another key aspects in negotiation, perception, cognition, and emotion. It tells us how perception is related in a negotiation process, how the parts react to certain aspects on the process of cognition, it also talks about framing and many kinds of systematic errors that occur in a negotiation process. It all starts with perception, which is described as the way people interpret their environment so they can answer accurately then it goes on with perceptual distortion and stereotyping which is a very common mistake of the perceptual process, stereotyping is when people assign an individual to a group based on a previous opinion or thought, then it talks about halo effects that is similar to stereotypes but instead of judging someone by the previous thoughts you had because of the bigger group he belongs to, halo effect happens when people generalize about some aspects based on a prior belief, then selective perception occurs when you spot certain information that supports a prior belief, then it goes on with framing and defining it very detailed, framing is the different perception every person has of its own environment as it states on the book, for example when two persons get into a club one (extroverted) thinks is a great party and the other one (introverted) sees a scary crowd. There are different typed of frames, substantive, outcome, aspiration, process, identity, characterization and loss-gain, then it talks about how framing influences perception in negotiation with a few examples like Chinese frames and then cognitive biases in negotiation. For me this was a very interesting chapter because it teaches you how to play with your “opponents” psychology, how to react to certain things, and to prepare yourself mentally before a negotiation because now you know which kind of things would get you by surprise, after reading this you know how to give them a different approach that...
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