Perception and Attribution

Topics: Attribution theory, Social psychology, Role Pages: 4 (819 words) Published: May 29, 2013
Social Perception
* Intro
* We form impression spontaneously because people are unpredictable * People are active- you want to know why someone did that * When you interact with someone you are affecting their behavior * What information do you use when forming an impression of a person? * We use demographic (age, ethnicity, etc.)

* We use these quite often because they are obvious * You get a third person input
* Continuum Model of Impression Formation
* You have these impression from very general to specific, this model says * Start general with categories and on key factors you may get more specific * Power difference: individual perception on someone that impacts your life (professor, friend, romantic partners, etc.) someone that has power in your relationship * Mismatch between category and behavior: helps explain stereotypes (subtyping them) * Spontaneous train inferences

* We do this automatic, spontaneously
* Basic Non-verbal channels:
* Facial expressions- they current moods
* Eye contact- positive and negative feelings
* Body language- reveal emotional state
* Touching
* Paralinguistic channel- you can say words in different ways * Channels of Communications
* Three types
* Emblems- depend on the country, because in one country it may be okay but in another it may be offensive * Illustrators
* Adapters- we are unaware of it, for example a man touching his beard for no reason but it seems like they are in deep thought when they aren’t * Deception: Spot the Liar!
* Their behaviors are less controllable
* We are trained to listen to what they say rather than watch their behavior * Forming an Impression:
* Evaluation- good or bad
* Cognitive weighted average
* Direct information
* Your given more information...
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